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Carol's Melody (Far Away) Carol's Melody (Far Away)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The music itself to me was extremly basic, I guess the genre is classical... The big buzz kill for me was it was so utterly simplistic and unoriginal. The production quality was superb though, and it seems like some people didn't mind the arpeggiated triad simple 1-7-6-5 chord progression... So as long as people don't really mind that this piece is one giant improv in A minor over a chord progression that has been around since the beginning of music itself, then all is well. I'm not flat out hating on this either, I'd just really like to see what you could do if you expanded your style and genre.

Drawoh responds:

wow, really ......
I think I know what I did.
I know I only used four chords and improvised on those only.
but if you wish to let everyone know that, do as you please, I think they like it anyways...
still, thanks for the review :P